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Classic ski at Tug Hill Outfitters

February 5, 2022 - Joe Schlimmer

On Friday night as the storm petered out I skied off my porch and spent 3 hrs going up Black Diamond. I followed an early trail broken by 2 other skiers that I eventually met coming back down towards Ithaca. I promised them that I would extend the trail that they broke, so I ended up going around 17km in deep snow. It was an epic ski but exhausting!

On Saturday, I didn’t want to break trail again. A friend and I drove up to a relatively new outfitting company just a few miles outside of Williamstown, Tug Hill Outfitters, for some more civilized skiing. It was a gorgeous day, bright sun and around 10 degrees. We covered around 13km on beautifully groomed trails through woods and fields. There was an easier loop that a group of kids were using as well as longer northern loops with some fast hills and climbs.

There were classic tracks freshly laid that morning after the storm and well groomed skate trails. They had hot chocolate available for skiers, warming tents and good advice for waxing. I messaged one of the proprietors on Facebook that morning to ask about conditions and Emily’s response was instant.

It’s closer for me than Osceola, so I will be going back.